IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Technologies for Smart Grids
21-23 October 2019 // Beijing, China

WS-2: Convergence of Vehicular Networks and Smart Grids

WS-2: Convergence of Vehicular Networks and Smart Grids

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Aim and Scope

The emerging vehicular networking technology is envisioned to be a key enabler for future intelligent transportation systems, expected to support a whole new set of services, ranging from road safety improvement to traffic efficiency optimization, from connected autonomous driving to ubiquitous Internet access on wheels. A critical component of 5G systems, this new generation of networks will ultimately have a profound impact on the society, making everyday traveling safer, greener, and more efficient and comfortable. Meanwhile, electric vehicles (EVs), as a novel environmentally friendly means of transportation, have gained remarkable commercial success in the recent decade. However, un-managed EV charging load may cause serious issues for the grid operations and needs appropriate regulation as a result. An integration and co-optimization of high-performance vehicular networking and EV embedded smart grids thus sees significant potentials to improve the performance of both transportation systems and electric grids. To gain more understanding on the pros and cons of the concept, this workshop will provide a venue for open discussions on critical challenges of both vehicular networks and EVs in smart grids, as well as their integration.


  • Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications and networking in 5G
  • Resource allocation for ultra-reliability low-latency vehicular networking
  • Machine learning in vehicular networks
  • Reinforcement learning for intelligent decision making in vehicular networks
  • Millimeter wave communications for vehicular networking
  • Channel measurements and modeling for vehicular communications
  • Networking technologies for connected autonomous vehicles
  • NFV-based V2X service optimization and networking
  • Distributed cache enabled V2X networks
  • Architectures and protocols optimized for vehicular information centric networks
  • Optimization and control applications regarding vehicle-grid integration
  • Coupling communications, electric grid and transportation systems with EVs
  • Distributed and asynchronous optimizations of EV embedded smart grids